“At Marlow Sports Academy, we coach over 70 young cricketers on a weekly basis. Arron from ASL Cricket has been an instrumental part of the Academy’s success and has been inspiring the children for the past two years. As a result of his hard work, knowledge and enthusiasm, we now have 13 boys and girls involved with the County squads and many falling in love with the sport”.

Nigel Ashton (Co-Owner of Marlow Sports Academy)

“Since my son started his 1 to 1 sessions with ASL cricket his game has improved massively. He has now started to play hard ball cricket with confidence and the sessions during the summer has allowed him to get a head start on his peers. My son has loved the dynamic and varied sessions and looks forward to them all week so much so we he will be back under the coaching of ASL this year. I would recommend ASL Cricket for your son or daughters cricket education as they provide engaging and relevant coaching with clear and achievable goals”

Tim Spence (Parent)


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