W3 Full Spike

W3 Full Spike The W3 V.01 cricket shoe was designed in the UK to be lightweight, breathable and comfortable. Weighing in at around 430 grams per shoe, this is one of the lightest cricket shoes on the market today.

With the characteristics of a running upper, manufactured with a spiked outsole, this offers the high performance flexibilities and lightweight properties of a trainer, but with the important spiking structure.
The spiking structure features just 8 spikes, compared to the higher number of most spikes on offer today. This reduced number, further reduces the weight of the shoe.
To increase comfort levels a premium insole has been used to complete what is one of the most comfortable cricket shoes available today.
Available with spikes as standard, blue rubber cleats are also available on request.
With a blue / green colour scheme, the shoe comes with white laces as standard, but lime green and blue laces can also be ordered with the shoe.

The V.01 is the ideal all rounder’s cricket shoe, and is available in adult sizes 7 through 12. Please add a note when using Paypal to advise of the size required